Research and Publications

One of the main objectives of the Centre is to fill in the significant void relating to publications on environmental laws and policies in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the Centre aims to pioneer in publishing various compilations on laws and policies, and environmental journals which would help the academics, legal practitioners, activists, students, and members of the public interested in environmental aspects.

Policy Contributions

The two key CELP proposals (which are further elaborated in the Annexure) presented to the Experts Committee to draft a new Constitution is as follows:

Proposal I – Fundamental Rights

  1. Every person has a fundamental right to a clean and healthy environment that is,
    1. not harmful to one’s health and well-being
    2. ecologically balanced.

Proposal II – Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties

  1. The State shall protect, preserve and maintain a sustainable percentage of forest cover on the land area of Sri Lanka for the benefit of the present and future generations.
  2. The State as well as its citizens shall protect, preserve and ensure the welfare of all sentient beings and the ecological balance within its territory, including the territorial waters and airspace.

National Contributions

International Collaborations