• Course Duration

Master of Laws in International Environment and Climate Change Law is a one-year programme which is divided into two semesters.

• Pedagogy

The Course is offered in English as the only medium of instruction.

• Mode of study

All aspects of the course including course content, timelines, course curriculum, examinations and discussion forums will be conducted in the online mode.

• Target Group

Law graduates, Legal practitioners, and Environmental professionals particularly residing in South Asian and Southeast Asian nations seeking to enrich their professional knowledge are encouraged to apply.

Objectives of the Course

  • Provide comprehensive knowledge to participants in International Environment and Climate Change Law
  • Increase understanding on key global issues on environmental law and climate change
  • Develop knowledge on the International Legal & Policy context on thematic issues related to environment and climate change
  • Develop practical skills to facilitate effective engagement with International Environment and Climate Change Laws
  • Prepare well-informed professionals in International Environment and Climate Change Law and to upgrade the professional competencies by augmenting the Environmental Law awareness
  • Promote networking and sharing of experiences among participants to actively contribute towards conservation

Graduate Prospects

Upon successful completion of the LL.M programme, candidates will be able to pursue a range of diverse career paths. Opportunities will be available to take up academic posts, or to pursue research in International Environmental Law. In terms of other prospects, Masters holders are able to enter/continue legal practice as advocates and judges, or become legal advisors to the Government Ministries and Departments, International Organizations and Non-governmental Organizations.